Mentor Leadership

A skill that I hope will always grow within me is leadership. Leading others proves that a part of me is willing to take charge to accomplish a goal. However, leading should never be about simply accomplishing a task. Rather, being a leader should encourage and guide others to not only strengthen their own skills but... Continue Reading →

Vision Statement

As I read The Innovator's Mindset, George Couros, the author, challenges the readers to make blog posts and this week the goal is to write 3 short blog posts. For my first blog post, I chose to discuss my Vision. I'm not quite fully enveloped in the educational field because I am not yet a teacher.... Continue Reading →

#IMMOOC Part 1 Thoughts

I have loved diving into The Innovator's Mindset! This week the goal is to blog on our thoughts over part 1 of the book, and I would like to say that I have a lot swirling around inside my brain. I aspire to be an elementary teacher, and as I read this book, ideas fill my... Continue Reading →

Quilling 101

Perseverance: working hard, against all odds, to achieve the desired effect, my theme for the art lesson I presented to second graders.  This art lesson gave me the perfect moment to speak with the students on perseverance, knowing that they may get upset if they could not achieve the desired outcome. I started out the... Continue Reading →

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